Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a healing modality which uses both physiological as well as energetic diagnosis techniques in order to help a person heal, grow, and prosper. It merges a western understanding of the body (anatomy, physiology, psychology, etc.) with an eastern mentality towards healing. In the yogic field, health is a state of being where we are free to live integrated happy lives. It promotes an understanding of who we are, what we need to prosper, and then delivers the tools needed in order for us to get there.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic modality, which means that it understands that the body, mind, and soul are uniquely intertwined and inseparable from one another. Therefore what happens to a person on one level will impact the others. During a one on one session with a client, the yoga-therapist will attend to all levels of the person, (body-mind-emotions-spirit) in order to help the person heal, by treating both the underlying issue, as well as the symptoms at hand.

The tools, or medicines, employed by yoga-therapists include: movement therapy, breath work, meditation and visualizations, somatic counselling, as well as other related tools such as mudras and mantras.  In short, Yoga Therapy seeks to help by utilizing whatever tools needed in the present circumstance.  This is best described in the Zen Haiku:

A monk asked Basho:  What is the essence of your practice?

Basho replies:  Whatever is needed.